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Undergraduate Program

The principal goal of the program leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering is to provide each student with a balance of intellectual and practical experiences, accumulation of knowledge, and self-discovery. Our educational objective is to educate students in order to perform entry-level work as an aerospace engineer in particular and in other fields where a broad, fundamental engineering background is desirable.

Our educational objective is to provide students with an understanding of basic principles, mathematics, science, and mechanical systems, with an ability to analyze, build, model, measure, design, and implement solutions in a broad range of engineering fields. Students will understand product development and manufacturing processes and acquire the capability to work effectively in multidisciplinary teams.

Aerospace engineering is the branch of engineering that is generally concerned with understanding forces and motion. The field includes aspects of aerodynamics, flight dynamics and control, thermodynamics, combustion, propulsion systems, fluid mechanics, materials, structures, energy conversion, heat transfer and thermal management, and involves the application of mathematics, physics, chemistry, and increasingly computer science and information technology. Importantly, the field of aerospace engineering also emphasizes the process of formulation, design, control, optimization, and manufacture of new systems and devices.

Further, aerospace engineering can be the starting point for careers in environmental, mechanical, and aeronautical engineering, and business management. At the beginning of the first year, students are assigned advisors as close to their expressed field of interest as possible, and together they develop programs of study for the next four years.

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