Maneuver V-n Diagram




1. Introduction

History of Aerospace Structures

Role and Layout of Structural Members

Structural Design Processes

Airworthiness Targets

Structural Design Requirements

2. Loading

Flight Maneuver Loads

Loads Due to Atmospheric Turbulence

Ground Loads

Loading on Individual Airframe Components

Load Distribution

3. Materials

Mechanical and Physical Property of Aerospace Materials

Toughness and Crack Growth Rate

Criteria and Selection of Material

4. Failure Analysis

Failure Criteria for Steady and Variable Loading

Cumulative Fatigue Damage

Repeated Load Data

5. Structural Instability

Buckling of Beams

Crippling Stresses

Buckling of Simple, Curved and Stiffened Panels

Combined Loadings

6. Cutouts

Lightly Loaded Beams

Heavily Loaded Beams

Cutouts in Skin-Stringer Panels

7. Initial Sizing of Aerospace Structure Members

Box Beam of Lifting Surface


Ribs, Frames and Bulkheads

Pressure Vessels

8. Structural Joints


Bolts and Screws

Fastener Selection

Lug Joints

Welded And Adhesive Bond




The final grade will be calculated as follows:

Homeworks (30%)

Design Project (30%)

Final Exam (40%)



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There is no textbook published today which covers all of the needed items as we would like. Therefore, the topic material as presented in lecture constitutes the core of the course.  In addition the following textbook can be used for the course

Michael C. Y. Niu, Airframe Structural Design: Practical Design Information and Data on Aircraft Structures, Conmilit Press Ltd, 1999. 

Furthermore, these books serve as more permanent and referable material than class notes:

Denis Howe Aircraft Loading and Structural Layout, John Wiley & Sons, 2004.

Michael C. Y. Niu, Airframe Stress Analysis and Sizing, Conmilit Press Ltd, 2001. 

T.H.G. Megson, Aircraft structures for engineering students, Edward Arnold, 1990.

Perry D. J., Azar, J. J., Aircraft Structures, McGraw-Hill, 1982.

Bruhn, Analysis & Design of Flight Vehicle Structures, Jacobs & Associates, Inc. 1973. 

Ted L. Lomax, Structural Loads Analysis for Commercial Transport Aircraft: Theory and Practice, AIAA Education Series, 1996.