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“Chavosh” Aircraft Design team from Department of Aerospace Engineering at Sharif University of Technology has awarded the 1st place among 15 teams that participated in the Transport VTOL Aircraft Design Competition (Hemmat). The team was supervised
by Dr. Kazem Hejranfar and advised by Dr. Mohammad Reza Morad.

The competition’s goal was to design a transport VTOL aircraft using the Chinook CH-47C helicopter’s fuselage, under the following considerations:

  • Operational advantages for Iran’s Air fleet
  • Feasibility of design based on the technology readiness level
  • Innovation and creativeness of the design
  • Using up-to-date technologies in the design

“Chavosh” Aircraft Design Team has presented a design based on the modification of CH-47C helicopter by considering a tilt-wing, optimizing the rotor blades, applying a proper turboshaft engine and improving the transmission system. The operational advantages of this plan were also proved for Iran’s Air fleet.

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