Advanced Flight Dynamics


Fall 2018




Aircraft Stability and Control (Flight Dynamics II)



Hadi Nobahari, Room 317, 66164636, nobahari(at)

Teaching Assistant:

Yousef Seifouripour, yseifouri(at)


1.       A Fast Review of Basic Flight Dynamics

2.       Coupled Longitudinal and Lateral Motions

3.       Flying and Handling Quality

4.       Nonlinear Stability Analysis of Flying Vehicles

5.       Analysis of an Elastic Flying Vehicle

6.       Analysis of a Flying Vehicle within Atmospheric Disturbances

7.       Analysis of a Manned Flying Vehicle

8.       Flight Control Systems

Text Book

1.       Jan Roskam, "Airplane Flight Dynamics and Automatic Flight Control", Part II, 1998.

2.       Donald McLean, "Automatic Flight Control System", 1990.

3.       Robert F. Stengel, "Flight Dynamics" 2004.

4.   David K. Schmidt, "Modern Flight Dynamics", 2012.


Homework                                5+1 out of 20+2

Mid-term                                   5 out of 20+2

Final Exam                                10 out of 20+2

Class Presence                           +1 out of 20+2