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Farsi Book (zip file)


Text Book (pdf file)


Text Book and Case (9th Edition) (pdf file)


Readings (zip file)


Chapter 0 (Farsi) (Pdf file)


Grant Chapters 1, 8, 13 (English)

Project Sample:

file description format
Aviation Clubs Project Sample PDF
هواپیماهای متوسط Project Sample PDF
پهپادهای کوچک Project Sample PDF
هواپیماهای مدل موتوردار Project Sample PDF
SWOT Analyze Project Sample Word

file description format
CoursePerspective Fall 97   Word
Reading List   Word
Schedule   Word
Term Project Format   Word
Questions  Sample Questions For Final Exam Word
Final 94  Final 94 with Ans Word
Course Requirements   Word
Managment Points  Managment Points Word

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