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Welcome to high performance computing lab website.

Setting up a cluster terminals room and a local network, users can use the lab through the access terminals now. Users can also connect to the cluster through a local network remotely to access their desired programs. A sample picture of the terminals available in the cluster room service is observed here.

The established laboratory has capability of servicing to all of the institutions, industrial and research centers for different kinds of projects. We also provide consultation services in the related areas such as design, installation, setup and maintenance of the clusters, based on the demand of specific institutions and corporations. Services, tariffs and regulations described by the Aerospace Department are available at the following links.

  1. Application form for using HPCL
  2. HPCL Tariffs
  3. Video clips for learning how to use HPCL

Steps to use the lab and its softwares are as follows:

  • Download the application form for using HPCL
  • Fill in the form and submit it to the lab director
  • Receive the lab director's permission for using HPCL
  • Submit the completed and signed form to the lab assistant
  • Deliver the required resources files to lab assistant on DVDs
  • Obtain an account from the lab assistant
  • Login to the cluster using Virtual Network Computing
  • Using cluster terminals room according to site assistant schedule
  • Receive results from the lab assistant on DVDs
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