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Today, computer clusters have been developed for parallel processing and to solve complex problems and time-consuming jobs. Low cost and easy construction of such clusters promote the use of them by the research and industrial centers. In the next section some important applications of parallel processing in different industries are discussed.

Automotive industries

Using simulations of various phenomena related to automotive industries, it can lead to improved performance and manufacturing processes. To increase the solution accuracy, it is critical to model the simulations three dimensionally, which in turn need high computational capacities. Some of the parallel processing applications in automotive industries are as follows:

  • Engine combustion
  • Gearbox performance
  • Mechanical components design
  • Power Transmission systems simulation
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Heat Transfer
  • Shaping sheet metals
  • Forge analysis
  • Mechanisms analysis

Polish manufacturing industries

Using parallel processing in polish manufacturing industries gives the possibility of massive computations required in the following applications:

  • Dynamical and acoustical analysis of rotating machineries such as pumps, motors and compressors
  • Thermodynamic and fatigue analysis in energy generators such as boilers, turbines and heat exchangers
  • Performance analysis of tools such as drills, abrasion drills and hammer drills under impact or extreme loads
  • Railway accident analysis for locomotives and wagons
  • Statical and dynamical analysis of piping systems under thermal loads, pressure, earthquake, etc.
  • Life time estimation of various mechanisms such as the power transmission, brake and clutch
  • Thermodynamic simulations in materials processing procedures such as rolling, molding, etc.
  • Polymer and thermoplastic materials manufacturing
  • Welding simulation

Defense and aerospace industries

One of the most important applications of parallel processing is in aerospace industries. This industry is in association with a wide range of different technologies such that various related phenomena simulation, which ultimately needs massive computations. Some of the parallel processing applications in aerospace industries are as below:

  • Simulation of space large scale structures such as solar cells, space radars and reflector antennas
  • Statical, dynamical and acoustical analysis of fuselage structures
  • Performance simulation of various aircraft parts such as pressurized vessels, tilted and imbalanced wings and cracks propagation in the fuselage
  • Thermomechanical simulation of aircraft engines and rockets in different operating conditions
  • Turbine blades different designs investigation
  • Simulation of different aircraft mechanisms such as landing gears, wing flaps and cargo doors
  • Blast-resistant components design

Energy saving and emission reduction

Fuel consumption reduction is an important issue in our country. Various industries and organizations have been established in these areas since a decade ago. For example steel industries and power plants are the largest energy consumer in the country. To optimize energy consumption, parallel processing can be applied to numerical analysis of combustion processes, furnaces, burners and heat exchangers used in these industries.

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