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The Department’s mission is to be a front-runner in education and research. Our educational mission is to contribute to society through excellence in education, research, and training future leaders for industry, academia, government, and society. Academic programs are designed to offer students with fundamental knowledge, analytical skills, creativity, perspective, and ethics.

Our undergraduate program is designed to provide students with the ability to apply knowledge of science, mathematics, and engineering, and the capability to work effectively in engineering and related multidisciplinary fields whereas the graduate program aligns academic course work with research to prepare specialists, professionals, and scholars in specialized areas within the field of aerospace engineering. Research topics focus on industrial needs and contribute to economic and social development.

The teaching and research programs in the Department cover all of the core disciplinary areas of aerospace engineering including aerodynamics, flight dynamics and control, propulsion, structure and space engineering.

In-house laboratories as well as close association with industrial laboratories give us ready access to facilities in a number of areas, including spray phenomenon, combustion, acoustics, turbo-machinery, and subsonic/supersonic wind tunnels.

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