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Master Program

The graduate program at the Aerospace Engineering Department strives to develop professional independence, creativity, leadership, and intellectual growth. Opportunities for graduate work in a highly diverse discipline are provided that ranges from the aspects of design to highly technical scientific research. Areas of special interest include aerodynamics, acoustics, flight dynamics and control, thermodynamics, combustion, fluid mechanics, multi-phase and multi-component flows, structures, space engineering, and energy conversion systems.

Research in these areas is applied to a wide variety of problems including turbomachinery, rockets and space propulsion systems, control and design of aircrafts, rapid assessment of early designs, and pollution control.

The degrees of Master of Science (MS) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) are offered. Registration is not granted until the student has arranged with a member of the faculty to administer their coursework, to approve their electives, and finally to supervise their research.

The Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering Degree is a 45-unit course of study. After enrollment, the student will arrange his or her program in consultation with a member of the faculty. Students, who have not specialized in aerospace engineering as undergraduates, may also be admitted for the graduate program. However, the student should take some courses that will broaden an understanding of the overall field as well as courses in the specialty to make up undergraduate deficiencies in aerospace science courses.

The Doctor of Philosophy is awarded upon completion of a program of advanced study and significant original research, design, or development. The Ph.D. program is intended primarily for students who desire a career in research, advanced development, or teaching. The Ph.D. program combines individual depth of experience and competence in a particular chosen major specialty, and a strong background in the mathematics and engineering sciences with laboratory and design experience.

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