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ShadX (Sharif Aircraft Design Experts) Team, under the supervision of Dr. Seyed Mohammad Bagher Malaek from the department of Aerospace Engineering, has been awarded third-place in the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) 2017/2018 Graduate Team Aircraft Design Competition, for the proposal titled “A Cost-efficient High-performance Advanced Pilot Training Aircraft”. ShadX has managed to achieve this award among 9 submitted reports from 7 universities around the world. The team consisted of 11 members, whose majority was undergraduate students.

The students have been requested to design a next generation advanced pilot training aircraft, as a replacement for soon-to-be-retired T38. The aircraft had to be capable of utilizing the trending high-TRL technologies, in order to effectively train the future F-22 and F-35 pilots, while meeting a low RDTE and unit cost as strict RFP requirements.

In response to this RFP, ShadX proposed T-68 “Saena” as a distinctive and feasible solution to the problem. In brief, Saena is an efficient, cost-effective apparatus that effectively serves future pilots’ training programs through its use of advanced embedded training systems, variable stability features, and modular-designed engine and cockpit. In comparison with its rivals, Saena has the lowest operating and unit cost, highest maximum turn rate, outstanding roll power, long-lasting platform, and matured technologies.

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